Mindspace Practices is a secular practice with roots in the ancient meditation and contemplation traditions. Meditation is not the same as thinking; it can suspend thinking, reducing stressful reactivity and obsessive rumination, and thereby having the effect of calming the mind, the brain, and the body. Meditative, contemplative, insight, and awareness practices deliberately build both focused and open attention, emotional balance and kindness to self and others. Over two millenia of human experience in practicing meditation and mindfulness, and recent scientific studies conducted in the US, Canada and Europe, have proven the many benefits of these practices. This is the realm of Mindspace Practices.

Why Choose MindSpace Practices?

Mindfulness is good for our minds: Several studies have found that mindfulness increases positive emotions while reducing negative emotions and stress. Indeed, at least one study suggests it may be as good as antidepressants in fighting depression and preventing relapse. Mindfulness is good for our bodies: practicing mindfulness meditation boosts our immune system’s ability to fight off illness. Mindfulness changes our brains: Research has found that it increases density of gray matter in brain regions linked to learning, memory, emotion regulation, and empathy.

Mindspace Practices Programs:

Here is the list of recent training programs

MindSpace Practises: Our various practices are profoundly useful for

  • people struggling with emotional problems, stress and anxieties
  • people in troubled relationships
  • people with chronic pain
  • people struggling with obesity
  • teachers and students
  • parents
  • health care professionals
  • veterans

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